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Interactive Vaulting~TEAM FLIP-FLYING-FUN

Vaulting is a series of gymnastic stunts performed on the horses' back.  You will often see riders standing proudly while their horse gallops cirlces, only to see them do back flips to dismount.  Sara, and several of our youth leaders, are in the certification process to complete their interactive vaulting team, FLIP-FLYING-FUN!  Look for these young ladies and their athlete counterparts in the spring to possibly make their debut in the dog and pony show, April 20. 

Therapeutic Driving~CARTS FOR HEARTS

New for Haven Hills, this type of therapy involves students driving a pony and a cart. The benefits are much the same as those for riding, only the driving includes students that would otherwise not be allowed to ride.  Sara and her assistant, Courtnie, are currently working towards their certification; this process can take up to 2-3 years, but since we have facilities/carts/pulling mules and horses we will implement this program in the spring.

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